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Sangita shetty – My Review / Testimonial on Belly Dance Institute Mumbai and Ritambhara Sahni 
Ritambhara Sahni mam has been my teacher for over many years now and she was the 1st dance teacher i ever knew.  I was 10 years of age when My mother saw Ritambhara Sahni mam’s write up in the Bombay Times which spoke about her teaching many western free style dance forms in her institute back then Ritambhara Sahni’s Institute For The Performing Arts. My mother immediately enrolled me for Ritambhara Sahni mam’s classes. On joining Ritambhara Sahni’s dance classes in Mumbai back then all i can say is that i was extremely happy and at the age of 10 years i knew back then that this is exactly what i wanted to do all my life and just never never stop. I was with Ritambhara Sahni’s institute For the performing arts for 10 years perusing all the dance forms Ritambhara Sahni had to teach which were Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz , Contemporary etc.. I also performed in all of Ritambhara Sahni’s shows .
in 2005, Ritambhara Sahni launched Belly Dance Institute Mumbai and asked me if i would like to belly dance. There was just no thinking twice. I had always dreamed of belly dancing ever since i saw Shakira belly dance and i immediately enrolled with my best teacher ever to learn a dance i always dreamed to learn – belly dance. I attended class at all her centers which were Colaba, Bandra , Khar and Andheri west and  I did several levels with Ritambhara Sahni mam in her belly dance courses at her institute belly dance institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni and being her student for so many years that is ever-since childhood , she even gave me the opportunity to assist her and work with her as an assistant instructor. I did work and perform with Ritambhara Sahni for a few years in belly dancing unless i started to work professionally outside and then did not have so much time to belly dance.
All i can say is that dance and its various dance forms and belly dance of course are a major part of life even now and they are within me. Ritambhara Sahni , my teacher will always be a part of my life. Unfortunately i dint end up making a strong career in belly dance but with Ritambhara Sahni mam’s support and vision , i may make a career in it real soon. I would also like to say that dance did make me confident about myself all these years but belly dance made me confident in a completely different way. It got me closer to my female side and today i feel extremely powerful being a female and yes i belly dance daily and i feel great and beautiful about myself. – I feel EMPOWERED.
Do watch my videos here that i performed at Ritambhara sahni’s show. Will add more videos as well soon. Would love to know what you guys feel about my performance , so do leave in your comments below.

Ritambhara Sahni

 Ritambhara Sahni’s student – in her show Hip-nosis Mumbai by Belly Dance Institute Mumbai
belly dance institute Mumbai
Belly dance institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni – our show – Hipnosis -Mumbai

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centers at Colaba, Bandra  West , Khar West and Andheri West


centers at Colaba, Bandra West, Khar West and Andheri West

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